Card Manager 2

Provided that your current Card Manager version is equal to or greater than the Base Release version below you may download the update for installation.

The update is available as an '.EXE' file which will complete the update when run

Updates are accumulative so you only need to run the latest update patch

Update can be run without having to un-install the previous version provided that the current version is equal to or greater than your current Base Release (2.9, 2.10, etc.).

Card Manager Base 2.11 updates are available from here.

Card Manager Web updates are available from here.

Card Manger 2.10 Downloads

Please note upgrading to v2.10.33 and above will involve a rebuild of indexes in the database. This will not be a quick operation and could take several hours to complete on large databases. Please allow enough time for this operation when upgrading

Card Manager 2.10 base

CM Configurator

Update2.10.96.2282.exe ( 138,694 kbytes. )


Teamviewer Host Service
Reporting Engine Update
SQL 2008 R2 Express
SQL 2014 SP1 Express ( 41,796 kbytes. )
CMAutomationSetup.msi ( 930 kbytes. )
CMUpCheck.exe ( 17 kbytes. )
CMUpCheck.xml ( 0 kbytes. )
CRRuntime_32bit_13_0_29.msi ( 137,904 kbytes. )
msoledbsql_18.1.0.0_x64.msi ( 4,366 kbytes. )
msoledbsql_18.1.0.0_x86.msi ( 2,740 kbytes. )
SetupCMConfigure.msi ( 881 kbytes. )
UnPivotSetup.msi ( 3,062 kbytes. )

Release Notes

27/03/2021 (Database 891) Ground work for SOR and Rebate Provisions
Updated Imports to perform extended checks for CR/LF/Tab in import files
Force uppercase on bin when pasting.
Force uppercase on Maintain Inventory Fields
19/03/2021 (Database 889) EDI Invoice export allow for invoices and credits on the same document when permitted
Ground work preparation for Purchase Invoices
Fix sales force editing to stop the same van warehouse being used on 2 users
Fix Cash and Carry to remember last used options
Fix bug allowing saving of a design discount with out a season
Updated maintain Sequence List to show Retail and Wholesale price on the grid
Remove optional requirement to print shipping document before picking list
Add optional requirement to confirm and order before printing the shipping document
Added allow backorder setting to Account Enquiry
Fixed divide by zero issue in EDI Delivery and EDI Order Acknowledgement processing
Added option to record stock transfers as 2 movements rather than 1
Fix Rack Designer visualise sizing
Fix Print Royalty report size of the Area field in temporary tables
Update Import Customers to allow importing of Customer Attributes
22/2/2021 (Database 887) Increase Commodity Code to 20 characters
Added second design description
Update Inventory Import for Commodity Code and extra description change
Update Price Code Import for Commodity Code change
Update Maintain Stock for Extra Description, Commodity Code, Outer Barcode and country of origin
Update Maintain Price for Commodity Code
Update Design Enquiry for extr description
Update EDI delivery and order export to refresh the output file name
Fix Export Order History trying to set the shipping record in user
Create Invoice fix cost price divide by zero calculation error
Customer Maintenance added email validate
15/2/2021 Added Validate EMail
Force Uppercase Operator name when pasting
Fix Warehouse hiding controls when non available
Fix Account Enquiry Subs Label not being hidden
Update Commission Report to allowing saving multiple PDFs
Update Royalty Royalty Report to allow saving multiple PDFs
Update Invoice Print to add extended filters
Fix Maintain Rack Types editing tiers
Update Line Order Entry Details to show gross figures and to save grid positions and sizes
Fix Import Discounts to check for duplicates
Updated Views and procedures to support NoLock
Updated Create Invoice to extend timeout when deleting BILL records
Updated Line Order Entry load of data sequence to fix commissions not updating
Updated Maintain Price and Stock to allow weighs larger than 9999.99
Fixed Rack Designer saving of max values
Added GUID field to Customer, Stock and Supplier
Added Default Order Quantity to Maintain Inventory when enabled

18/1/2021 Added Country Of Origin
Update Release to Warehouse timeout
Update Create Invoice From Shipped Orders to cope better with database timeouts and locks
Build to ensure Authenticate credits are operating correctly
Added option to edit default order quantity when enabled
3/1/2021 Simplfied database connection screen
Updated Custom reports to work with ODBC based connections
Autocreation of ODBC connection when editing CM database connection to ease 3rd paty connections
5/12/2020 Fix Purchase Order Freight to allow > 9999
Update web upload views for prices to remove dependency on the price headers
Fixed various typos
Updated Order Acknowledgement to allow alternate report version
Fixed Print Shipping Document to allow for alternates on Print for Shipped orders
Updated Invoice Export to allow filtering by date
Fixed Order and Shipment history views to show cut values
Fixed line order entry overriding the pocket number when cross referencing the design code
Fixed return order not copying back attributes
Order Register fix position of fields when report selection is available
Added EORI to customer
Added Show Suspended to open standard plans
20/10/2020 Fix order lines views showing incorrect cut figure
Fix Inventory Enquiry and Order Details Enquiry to show incorrect cut figure
Fix webOrderLines not uploading correct unit whole sale in history
Extend qStockExport to include more price code fields
Updated Line Order Entry Details to stop entered pocket data being overridden by lookups
Fix Stock valuation missing buttons when only 1 warehouse exists
Fix Import consignment sales error on importing
Fix Move of orders to shipped not copying over the emailed and edi batch data
Added date filter to Invoice Export
5/11/2020 Added EORI Reference to customer
Order Register fixed position of the report selection
20/10/2020 Added missing Show Suspended to Open Standard Plan in Rack Designer
5/10/2020 Update Line Order Design Entry to show pocket and allow ticket load from the entry screen
Extended Processed Order and Shipment tables to hold Order total at tome of process and to split Units Backordered from Units Cut
20/10/2020 Fixed Error 13 when exporting to Sage
5/10/2020 Update Line Order Design Entry to show pocket and allow ticket load from the entry screen
Extended Processed Order and Shipment tables to hold Order total at tome of process and to split Units Backordered from Units Cut
6/08/2020 Fix setting of invoice date when setting in the consignment import
Fix Batch Rack Print to allow printing of suspended and in active displays
Fix error when users default rack number is set to zero, stopping creation of a new rack
Fix issue with mixed EDI types
12/07/2020 Changed download some dialogues to present XLSX separate to XLS and first
1/07/2020 Added support for multiple accounting systems to Sage refresh
Relaxed validation on the EDI Master setup to allow overriding of some validations.
Import LIne Orders added support for order attributes
Import Line Orders Fixed setting all order to USEVALUES when only individual lines affected
Design Control Fixed errors with Booking Number Mode
Sales Reporting added extra filters to Customer reports
Customer Control fixed EMail Invoice copy when Outlook not available
Reallocate Inventory updated to new temp talble layout to be compatible with CMWeb version
Updated Ticket Servicing to cope with timeouts better
Fixed Price Check in Line Order Details when using booking numbers
Added report selection option to Print Inventory Valuation
Added recalculate order lines prompt when editing the price list or discounts on the header.
15/05/2020 Added Booking Number mode to Design control
Updated Line Order Entry to support the new design control
Fix Ticket Servicing not using substitution rules when in mode 1
17/04/2020 Fixed issue creating an EDI profile when none exists
Allowed for by EDI profile database views to create different data options
Added time as a parameter for naming export files
25/04/2020 EDI exports Add ability to specify file name as a calculated fiel
17/04/2020 Fixed issue creating an EDI profile when none exists
Allowed for by EDI profile database views to create different data options
Added time as a parameter for naming export files
Fixed issue with interlocation transfers when using spread sheets and consignment warehouses, with use locations turned off
Updated Rack Designer Paste Pockets to work with booking numbers
Updated Global Change Preferred Design to work with booking numbers
Added Rack Analysis Group Editor
Added Customer Analysis Group Filtering to Sales Reporting by customer
1/03/2020 Create Standing Order From Line Order added option to keep overiding prices
5/03/2020 Fix Import From Profile to obey the ignore bad items flag
Fix Rack Designer price caption dialogue restrictions for hide out of stock not wotking
Fix Edit Planning price Code details not creating Sequeence Headers
Fix Import Stock updating plans failed when updating Genre
28/02/2020 Upload Import Bill Orders from Web to stop calculating price duing import and leave to the stored procedure. Allows price to be fixed on the import.
Updated Account Control Dropdown to show address4
Updated Internet Services Web Site import to import invoices with credits
26/02/2020 Update print Invoice/Credit from Enquiry screen to prompt before updating print status and also update the daily invoice table status
09/02/2020 Fixed tax calculation on Credit Cariage Charge
Fix Ticket Servicing principles saving of average dayswhen comma is decimal place
Process Line Orders use season from the order rather than season passed in. Allows for multiseason processing
Maintin Alternate Wholeprice updated to use a texted box rather than the number drop down. Required whn more the 99 price lists
Updated Rack Design Print to extend blind printing options. Fixed issue with rendering images to the printer when running blind
Update Print Inventory Royalties to run direct from the invoice tables
Updated Print Proforma to use extended values on the order line tables to help remove rounding discrepancies
17/01/2020 Added EDI Tracing to import by profile fileds
Added order audit recording of delivery document printing
5/12/2019 Line Order Import validates the field types and fails if invalid.
Import Line Order Profile Editor, fixed naming of the line wrapped field
Import Stock Items now supports Stock Issue
1/11/2019 Added Mobile and tax number to sales force
Allow export to finance system from multiple user at the same time
28/09/2019 Allow Price Caption invoice to combine when using fixed price
Added Hide Out of stock items from rack designs price caption list and design selector
Fixed Price Caption Design list so it remembers postion when selections are made
Backlog Pocket Audit trail pocket list is made wider
Added Caption and Price code details to Account Enquiry Grid View
Updated Rack Design Design Selector to use the sequence list for filters rather than the designs native codes.
Updated Planning Group Editor to allow for Rebuild and Add New options so as not to destroy the existing sequence.
Updated Print Stock Control Analysis to include all servicable participants rather than just participant 1
Updated Credit Request authorisation to copy over request code and cust po to the Credit Cust PO field if difference
Updated Allocate Preferred Design to ignore disabled racks
Updated create standard plan to show existing plan groups as a drop down list
Updated Import Credit Requests from the web portal to support credit reasons
Updated Web download tables to support extra feields
Updated Mass Change order to allow filter by service groups and customer analysis group
Updated Mass Change order to include/exclude orders released to warehouse
Updated Pre-Process to support sorting the order selections to use sort by replenishment grade
Updated stock movement screens to fix issues with Bin and naming locations as Bin:
Standard plan open screen limited to 2000 plans
Supplier Order Entry added support for Process Costs
Supplier Order Entry fixed header due date
Fixed Sales Reporting range selection when using Division
Fixed Rack Design Save Rack not saving when earlier error has been detected.
Updated Reallocate Inventory to extend subs checking
Updated Preprocess Line Order to including checking pack expansions
20/06/2019 Updated Reserve location mask check so it is ignored if blank
Added Buy Price and Currency to stock record. Price is for a single item
Added new Buy Price to Purchase Order Import and Editing
Updated PO Import to extend checking of Dates
30/05/2019 SAge Line 50 Journal file now has a header
Added External Warehouse code to Maintain Warehouse
Fixed editing Special instructions on Maintain Purchase Order
Update to Preprocess Line Orders to bring in to line with Process
Added flag to turn off auto image loading
Fixed crashing out of save plan when a pocket error is found
Fixed various sales reporting reports failing when using from invoice
Fixed Array Boundary checkes when import orders
Maintain Purchase Order add totals to main screen
Updated authorise Credit Request to copy Customer PO to Credit
Updated reverse Epos Import to reset the design dates
Fix Customer Search headings and title
Normalise pass though options to be more consistent
Updated Import Purchase Order to add all available fields
Add Wrap Zone to Pick Zone to use when the order line is marked as wrapped
14/03/2019 Fixed focus issues on Maintain Design Code
Enabled External Warehouse Code on maintain warehosues
Added Maintain Dscount Groups
17/02/2019 Updated Design Enquiry - Sales on Order Screen label sizing
Added Extra fields to Purchase Order entry screen
11/02/2019 Updates to Order Processing and Order Pre-Processing licence requirements
16/01/2019 Updated Customer Item Numbers to support attributes and extra standard fields
Extended Branch Number and Customer Code field sizes

Fix: AutoReplenishment import to block future dates
Fix: Sales reporting queries running from Invoice returning excess data
Fix: Ticket servicing not fully supported held tickets
Fix: Customer PO on some temporary tables not supporting the larger field size
9/11/2018 Fix: Synch from standard plan when using complete plan failed due to missing parameter
8/11/2018 Extend some time out in Rack Designer to cope with slower server responses
Fix issue in Design Selector when clicking on then Picture to sort by
Update: Open plan will now dump images from the memory cache when an out of memory situations occurs.
23/10/2018 Database connectivity updates are now in place to support MSOLEDBSQL, the latest client from Microsoft that also supports TLS 1.2 for database connections
To take advantage of MSOLEDBSQL, also download the installer our site. Connections can be changed on the security tab of SQL databases in Options and Data Sources

Update: Price Caption order conversion to allow ignoring of default order quantities
Update: Rack Designer has extended error reporting
Update: Rack Designer save will try to combat out of memory issues by dropping loaded images
Update: Default Special Instructions loading from imports updated to force copying over to the order in all situations
Update: Print Invoice changed to optimistic locking to avoid timeouts
Update: Import Line Order fixed issue with default despatch method not loading
Update: Sage interface parameters moved to dedicated area to avoid conflicts
Update: Import Line Orders changed precedence of warehouse so design warehouse does not override the import file value
25/08/2018 Various minor bug fixes
Fix: Synch from Standard Plans updating plan header service flags
Fix: Make from standard planloads service flags on plan selection. Enforced if Synch is selected
Update: Maintain License added filter for archived licenses
Update: License operations ignore archived licenses.
Update: Create Royalty Report to work with extra decimal places
22/08/2018 Various minor bug fixes
Fix: Customer Enquiry closing when select shipment on a credit note
Fix: Rack designer visualise loosing pixels on right edge, especially in justify mode.
Fix: Rack designer visualise not allocating enough height space for top tier
Fix: Rack designer visualise tier lines drifting out by 1 pixel per tier.
13/08/2018 Various minor bug fixes
Fix: Sales Reports not running when Use Invoice is not ticked
13/08/2018 Fix Manage Sales Force missing Max Percentage
Added extra columns to Import Order from Spread sheet to allow for Price Caption Headers
Fix: Visualise after creating a standard plan not showing designs
Update: Address field sizes to 100
03/08/2018 Update Customer PO and External Reference field sizes
Fix: Goods In to not fail when stock is not taken positive
Fix: Issue with Date of First Sale Updating Update: Added optional extra design usage checks to Edit/Confirm Delivery Fix: Substitute Design on Line Order data read error Updated: Added option to give precedence to Design Code over rack and pocket when scanning in Load Tickets Updated: AutoReplenishment Import to show status Updated: Scan for missing royalties extended for currency Updated: AutoReplenishment import to improve spreadsheet decoding speed
23/06/2018 Update: Rack Designer Design Selector Image Render Methods to fix random crashes
Fix: Rack Designer Design Selector showing bookmark error when adding last design in list
Fix: Maintain Line Order Process Order button not showing
Fix: Resequence Inventory leaving withdrawn items at the top of the list
Fix: Print Stock Control Analysis refresh select lists on change of values
Update: Added Orders Notes to Load Tickets Main screen
Update: Added Wholesale price to Print Shipping Documents screen
Update: Catalogue Print to used layout based on the database options.
2/06/2018 Updated Stock Control Analysis for Multiple Displays to allow filtering by Head Office. Improvements made efficiency of Retail Price Calculations
Find Document updated to search invoices for Customer PO and External Order Numbers
Fix: Inventory Adjustments and Movements of Consignment warehouses will always show locations
Fix: Import Line Orders not correctly loading Despatch Method default from customer
Fix: Stock Control Analysis not loading product groups for multiple display filtering.
Fix: Saving Season dates when not specifying all dates.
Updates Sage Line 50 export to allow a header line to be added to the export file
Added grid export to Invoice Detail Enquiry
Updated Export Invoices/Credits to allow mixed printed and unprinted at the same time.
28/05/2018 Added Head Office as Global Change Preferred Design Filter
Fixed Synch from Standard Plan with reset Actuals clearing Actual design when there is no preferred
10/05/2018 Fix date exports to Excel to use a date format rather than text short date
Added default order quantity tot Inventory Data Export
07/05/2018 Fix Line Order Import when using warehouse not always defaulting back to customer warehouse
Fix Stock Record Date First and Date Last Sale being inconsistent at point of settings. Updated to use invoice/consignment transfer
Fix Create Royalty Report showing completed or skipped reporting periods
Various database optimisations
05/04/2018 Fixed EDI Export Reports o show print dialogue when auto reports are used
Fixed Invoice Export Reports o show print dialogue when auto reports are used
26/03/2018 Added Volume to Invetory Export
Added global view to Attribute creater
Fixed missing Pocket Numbers from order enquiry screen
Fixed Invoicing not copying shipping attributes
Fixed Transfer order not copying shipping attributes
Updated Internet Services Import Bill to use customer consignment option
1/03/2018 Continued database updates for Primary Key normalisations
Fix issue with General Ledger edits breaking settings of Sage Line 50
Fix Standing Order checks in Maintain Inventoru not checking season
Fix Export of Standing Orders in Maintain Standing Order
Fix Import Tickets not setting DNR if pocket already on backlog
Fix EDI Invoice export not detecting invoices and credits with total value less than 1
09/02/2018 Update Delete Order to not return stock for non-stock items
Allow import consignment data to generated colnsolidated order/invoices across multiple seasons
28/01/2018 Fixed Royalties Import lock up when rows are not complete
Fixed Import Line Orders allowing lower case codes to be loaded
Fixed Import EPOS data allowing lower case codes to be loaded
Fixed Invoice/Credit Export to Sage using Season GL Code when only a single code exists on the document resulting in a superflous journal
17/01/2018 Added option to allow export zero lines on orders
15/01/2018 Bug fix to edit line order causing repeated error popups when the rep of the order/customer no loger exists
Fix reporting of EDI errors causing multiple popups when importing Invoices, Credits and Credit Requests
Update Rack Designer to remove view of second icon on tool bar
Fix errors in Maintain Participant Names when MSXML is not installed
19/12/2017 Bug fix ticket print not allowing reprint of current tickets older than 31 days
19/12/2017 Fix order entry not adding in last line to totals on screen
Fix random divide by zero when servicing orders
19/10/2017 Updated Printer engine to fix extended time reading printer definitions
Extended Royalty Audit to add immediate calculation for use in costing
Updated order detail view from Stock and Customer enquiries to show all available order data
Updated Customer Plan Analysis reports to allow for global reports by Customer and Plan Analysis groups
Added line totals to order details tables to remove need for recalculation and hence improve consistency
Added import of shipment method to Line Order Imports
Normalised order details line extension calculations to improve consistency
19/10/2017 Overall adjustment of database timeouts
Fix Import Order By profile to allow for Warehouse
17/10/2017 Adjust Error checking in Rack Designer
Fix Import Order By profile to allow for Warehouse
1/10/2017 Fix import standing order description length check
25/09/2017 Allow attributes which are web address to be double cicked to launch in browser
Updates to allow for web based functionality
Addition of tables for web based Scan/Pack
18/09/2017 Added extra order line fields to order enquiry screens
Updated oder enquiry details screens for resizing
Fixed ticket import when text field includes CR/CR/LF combination
13/09/2017 Fixed size of input fields on Display planning Mass operations
Added extra error reporting to release to warehouse
Added extra error reporting to export order to external system
Extended parameter fileds on Return Order
11/09/2017 Added multifile accounting system export to orders when using Excel
Updated External Accounting System Exports to use Excel controls for export
Added file attachment support to optional Send Warning EMails when using CMAutomation
07/08/2017 Fix Create Line Order From Standing Order checks for customer restrictions
Fix Expand Pack checks for customer restrictions
Added date format control to Sage Export
24/08/2017 Bug fix for open standard plan
Fix Ticket Import not adding customer special instructions
23/08/2017 Fixed issue with load tickets in some instances of repick
19/08/2017 Fixed issue with import tickets skip zero lines
17/08/2017 Added option to not suffix the invoice number for Sage Line 50 Exports
Updated Redate Invoice/Credit to change the record period
Updated Interlocation transfer to require checkbox to move reserved customer stock
17/08/2017 Added support for creating EDI Order Acknowledgments
16/08/2017 Added support for ripple servicing from a hot pocket
Added Customer Web Site Field with open link using double click from enquiry screens
Updated Validate Pocket Number on Rack Save to be more memory efficient
Fixed Consolidated Invoicing seeing consignment orders
Updated Ticket Import to allow control of file imports with zero quantity. Can now skip rows rather than loading the default pocket quantity
23/07/2017 Fix auto report during ticket servicing and ticket import
Allow import of a Customer PO via Auto Replenishment EPOS data load
Fixed service tickets combining orders for different displayed on the same shipping date, when not enabled
16/07/2017 Fix Import Credit Request not using Credit Warehouse when available
09/07/2017 Added Post Stored Procedure hook to Import Line Orders
Updated Edit EDI Customer to refresh all deliveries/invoices with the new scheme
Updated Import Validated Orders Summary Report to allow customisation
Fixed Error Reporting on AR sales import
Fixed aborting changes to EDI location causing a request loop
Extended EDI csv file formatting and control options
22/06/2017 Rack Designer Fix Visualise Tiering being too high
Rack Designer Fix printing of standard plans
01/06/2017 Rack Designer Fix small empty pockets in normal view
31/05/2017 Fix bug in EDI multiple files not using second file extension
Updated imports to force upper case on required fields
Updated Maintain Attributes to fix not showing some values
Extended database timeout on create customer plan from standard
Updated Maintain Order details to fix selection of lines when changing season
Updated database update code to force databases out off autoclose mode
Fix pricing error when no alternate header exists
Fix rack printing issue
15/05/2017 Updated EDI profiles to allow for multiple files
Updated EDI profiles to allow for ASN profiles
Added support for split batch counts for Invoices, Credits and ASNs
Updated Design Substition to support multi season, multiple lines of the same design and preservation of metadata over substitution
Updated Ticket Print to support print by pick zone
Updated Print Royalty Report to fix premature writing of the transaction records
Rack Designer added support for Retail price
Master Options Recalculate totals added success/failure message at completion
Release to warehouse fixed season join
Enlarged several dropdown lists screen size
Updated Reallocate Inventory to plan to fix issue with some designs being skipped from substitution
26/03/2017 Updated Rack Designer coding dropdowns to cope with larger codes and descriptions
Fixed price check and find design used from customer enquiry after selecting from a right click of the account code
Rack Designer Fixed pocket sizing in full mode when large item is not hanging
Updated dropdown sizing in Maintain Customers to cope with larger codes and descriptions
20/03/2017 Updated Rack Designer Visualise to work with varying tier heights
Fix Convert Price/Caption order conversion to take not of Withdrawn items and Customer Inclusion Lists
Updated Maintain Sequence Lists to show Description and Unit Content
18/03/2017 Merge Rack Designer Development, to bring full view plans options in to line
Fix Standard Plan Sync to not show suspended plans
Fix Maintain Rack Types to stop error with invalid heights
Update database connection open code to be more resilient to connection issues
22/02/2017 Added preservice tickets system call
Added style code description to Design Enquiry restriction page
Updated Cash and Carry to allow changing of account without losing the items entered so far
Edit Delivery and Confirm Delivery can now display in Rack Pocket Order
31/01/2017 All order options now have a prompt to confirm operation on all orders
Audit logs now have option to auto print to PDF, followed by the traditional print dialogue or open PDF with local client
Fix Maintain Standing Order display of the units in the grid
Fixed Subs display to correctly show the booked figure
Fixed import Customer Budgets to not cause an error when Year is a large number
16/01/2017 Fixed incorrect save prompt when exiting from maintaining a licence's product set
Fixed Currency of SQL Invoice/Credit Import when using European formats
03/12/2016 Fixed error when creating invoice from credit or credit from invoice with a freight line
Added extra details to Inventory Adjustment and transfer forms.
23/10/2016 Refresh of indexing and primary keys on the database
Fix rounding issues on order header totals calculations
Order import by profile allow for negative value lines
Added Licence Required flag to Design Maintenance
Several updates to manual credits and invoices to force licence requirements to be upheld
Fixed Paste order lines to skip blanks rather than reporting an error
Service Tickets updated so than a change design request is not overridden by maintaining exclusivity, genre or gender
Caption Priority sorting added price caption sequence list
23/09/2016 Added Credit Reasons to EDI Credit Export
13/09/2016 Fixed combining of line orders to ticket orders
Fixed setting default Invoice Date on ticket order creation
Fixed setting default Invoice Date when loading tickets to backlog
09/09/2016 Fix Create Credit From Invoice using Sales GL code for Freight rather than the Freight GL
Update Convert Price Caption Order to use Default Order Quantity from the stock file when Unit Content is 1
18/08/2016 Fixed issue with EMail Invoice with SMTP secure connections
Tradeacoms Generation fixed rounding of line details
Fixed Global Change Preferred Design not allowing change to blank
Updated Excel control to v3.7
Fixed Consignment import when linked to Auto replenishment not having correct values from temp table
Auto Replenishment Sales import updated to fixed empty cell check
Auto Replenishment Import extended import table to cover Sales Date and Invoice Date
Auto Replenishment Import extended size of Product Group and Price Code fields
Auto Replenishment Import reverse sales fixed profile table being used
Licence Royalty Audit tables extended checks to make sure transaction type is set
Updated Manual Credit/Invoice updated to cover FOB
02/08/2016 Fix bug where rack style codes were not be effective in ticket servicing
Speeded up ticket servicing when using large sequence lists with range filtering
Updated invoicing of packs to use the pack design price when SO set to use Design Discount rather than accumulating the items
10/07/2016 Fixed bug recognising Auto replenishment import profile with different name to the Profile
Updated Auto Replenishment import profile to support skip header lines
Updated Auto Replenishment import profile to detect more columns names
Updated Inventory Control Inter Location Transfer to allow direct use of a spread sheet
Updated Inventory Control Inter warehouse Transfer to allow direct use of a spread sheet
17/06/2016 Export EDI Invoices and Deliveries added multi select to screen
Print Blank Tickets Fixed loading of default customer warehouse
Rack Designer added physical size to view
Rack Designer fixed loading Related Designs
Updated Customer Budget issue with new year figures
Import line orders now supports auto splitting orders based on design warehouse
Import Line Orders fixed issue with special instructions not adding default values from customer
Mass change Purchase Order fixed not updating header due date
Maintain Inventory Items now supports setting a default shipping warehouse
Service Tickets can be switched to use size code sizes rather than exact matching the code
Import Inventory now supports default shipping warehouse
Maintain Standing Order fixed totals and alternate values
Maintain Standing Order allows paste with no season
Invoice Editing updates Order Audit logs
Consolidated invoicing now permits multiple seasons
Mass Delete Order fixed deleting -ve stock orders
Process Line orders allows extended checking for automatic combining
Service Tickets allows for extended checking for automatic combining
Maintain License forces entery of a reporting period when creating
12/04/2016 Updated Maintain Standing Order to fix alternate price list view
Update Maintain Standing Order to show prices in the grid view
Updated Mainitain Standing Order Paste Designs to allow pasting of design without season
04/04/2016 Updated Design Enquiry to add description and image to header
Fixed Delete Sequence List not removing all detail records
Fixed count of backlog when using Build Customer Display From Standard Racks
Export Displays added option of selecting status of designs
Rack Designer updated dispatch routine to use WaitMessage to improve responsiveness on Windows 10
Fixed Visualise Rack when tier 1 is set to bottom
Added design status options to views
Updated Line Order Import to normalise code added extra import fields
Updated Import from Internet to not delete records if import failed
Updated Inventory Adjustments to allow qty to go negative
Updated Inventory Import to clear Image Blob fields when the image filename changes
Updated Imprt Artists toallow anciliary fields to be optional
Print Credit Requests updated to not allow printing of incomplete requests
Import Standing Orders updated to force upper case on key fields
Import Consignment Sales updated to force upper case on key fields
Import Terms/Cash Discounts updated to force upper case on key fields
Import Alternate Retail Prices updated to force upper case on key fields
Fixed Create Credit Request not setting the header totals
Fixed Print Invoice to stop Invoice History records being left locked after a reprint
Updated Customer Enquiry for orders to show more document details
Updated Maintain Standing Order to allow clearing fixed zero price
Updated Credit Requests to fix design level discount not being applied
Updated Credit Maintenance to fix design level discount not being applied
Updated Service Tickets to force key fields to be upper case
05/03/2016 Fix design discounts in Manual Invoice and Credits
Updated Maintain Credit Request to save after each edit rather than on closure of the screen< br /> Updated Maintain Standing order to allow fixed values to be clear
05/03/2016 Update Global Change Preferred design adding audit report and extra selection options
Fixed saving POS data in Rack Designer Fixed overflow error when disabling racks Manual Credits updated to allow stock adjustments to Consignment warehouses
23/12/2015 Fix issue disabling racks in rack designer
23/12/2015 Upload load tickets to stop backlog on credit fail being set automatically to ready to service
10/12/2015 Fixed Rack Designer Plan Open speed issues
Fixed open standard plan issues
Fixed deletion of rack leaving orphan records
07/12/2015 Updated Rack Designer to preload design list at open plan to speed up operations
Rack Designer various minor bug fixes
Print Tickets updatesd to single quantity when printing fixture labels.
Export to external system detect illegal character in fields
Fixed import stock not loading season correctly
Create Invoice fixed not unlocking commission records
Process Line Orders fixed combining order to ticket orders with no PO
Updated Craete Royalty Report to not add items from previous reports to current.
26/10/2015 Added Create Price Caption Order From Price Caption Standing Order
Updated Design Enquiry to move Season to the form and allow for lookups with out season
Fixed Booked Order Quantity not filtering to the warehouse
Added in use check to delete standing order to avoid deleting when linked to a stock item
19/10/2015 Rack Design Import Standard plan fixed checking rack letter in use
Rack Designer stop displaying Preferred design if not allowed
Rack Designer rack preferred items not visible if preferred items not selected
Rack Designer allow showing of actual design images in planning
Rack Design New Rack fixed setting number of faces
Service Tickets fixed error reporting onloading temp tickets
Maintain Line Order Details added extra prompts for stock issue items
Maintain Line Order Details updated add Top designs to check stock levels
Reverse Goods In, fix stock location used
20/09/2015 Fix Customer Substitution rule checks
Adjust Rack Print adding option to not print Customer Address details
Fix Auto Replenishment Sales Import when passing through to Consignment sales
Fixed Inventory Export Season error with some combinations of selections
14/08/2015 Fix Edit Credit Request to recognise design level GL codes
Fixed crash when printing racks externally where action codes are in user
Updates to table definitions for CM3
Updates to Service Tickets to make functions use contectual season code rather than the global code
07/08/2015 Fix Import Invoice/Credit and Credit Request to recognise design level GL codes
Update Global Change Preferred design to allow changing to blank to clear the preferred
Updated Recalculate order to cope with nulls being returned
25/07/2015 Fix Global change design when using preferred item only
Updated Rack Desinger to allow for rack printing via DCOM
Updated Import Line orders to allow for importing Bulk Order Flag
Updated Import Line orders to allow for default Bulk Order flag from customer
Updated Import Line orders to allow for default FOB flag from customer
Updated Print Supplier Order to allow for not printing complete lines when printing uncomplete orders
Updated Order Entry to with switch to allow or not combining designs from different standing orders.
Fixed allowing Auto Replenishment profile names to use lower case
Fixed Issue when checking Auto Replenishment profile exists
Updated Import of alternate retail prices to allow update/add option as well as complete list import
07/07/2015 Fix Invoice tax calculation when combining designs or price captions with Settlement cash terms set to Net.
02/07/2015 Fix Credit Request Handling Charge Tax
Fixed Inventory Enquiry lookup of on supplier order and on customer order
Updated Reverse Goods In to fix potential issues with reading quantity
24/06/2015 Fix Credit Request Handling Charge Tax
Fix Credit Request Handling Charge using seasonal rate on everyday orders when importing
Fix Pocket editing from web portal import
15/06/2015 Fix Customer Maintenance clearing overiding commissions
Added Discount Group table for CM3
15/06/2015 Fix import EDI tickets type error
15/06/2015 Fix Customer Maintenance clearing overiding commissions
Added Discount Group table for CM3
14/06/2015 Updated Invoice Creation to ensure all billhead details copy to shiphead
Allow usage of consignment warehouses for placing orders
Update authorise Credits to block double running
Updated Goods In SP to make sure Cost Price is divided to single price on movements
7/06/2015 Updated Order Export to allow for merged export
Added option for importing tickets to clear preferred design when importing a Change Design or DNR request
Updated service tickets to update demand from pocket price caption rather than design
Process line orders clears down empty order header if nothing processes
Maintain Price Caption Orders fixed unit content
Convert Price Caption Order fixed unit content issues
29/05/2015 Updated dropped connection handling
Fixed overflow errors in rack designer
16/05/2015 Added log of dates to Order Audit for Create Invoice
Added log of invoice details to Order Audit for manual Invoice/Credits
Added log of invoice details to Order Audit for readte invoice/credits
Added option to skip pockets of preferred items only when using global change preferred design
Fixed random load error when Enquiring in to Line Order Details
Fixed overflow error on maintain order grid entry
Fixed reading Unit Content when importing tickets by design
Fixed error loading images from Maintain Stock
Fixed Print Invoice reprint trying to show all invoices
Fixed load error on Visualise Rack when invalid sizes found
Fixed error when tiers over flow in paste pockets
Fixed load error on reverse goods in
9/05/2015 Added support for automatic handling charges on credits when using credit requests
Fixed Validation of ticket quantity when importing customers
Updated Import Price Sheet to update modification data
Updated Order Export to call Complete SP after re-export
Updated Invoice production to create tax analysis table
Fixed Print Rack to Excel to correctly set the Season code
12/04/2015 Update inventory enquiry to show all warehoues when all warehouses selected on the locations screen
Updated Create Royalty Report to speed up query and add exta timeout length
Updated Maintain Customer to cope with invalid control account on terms
Updated Line Order Entry details grid to show standing order
Updated Rack Design PopUp Menu to check for valid active rack
07/04/2015 Fix Release to Warehouse with multi season orders
Fix limited record count on web Rep Cover export
01/04/2015 Fixed ticket print skipping line order lines when force tickets is on
Updated line order import to use the report screen options for summary and details prints
Fixed combining designs on line order loading when items are from 2 different standing orders
20/03/2015 Fix error detection on Create Invoice with invalid designs or price codes
Allow Consolidate invoices to run for a single order
Fix error when editing customer item codes
Fix error with Change Design not being used when Fast/Sow sell is turned off
Fixed error opening Rack Designer's Price Caption Sequence list when using Min/Max Retail prcices
Added clear preferred design to rack popup menu
9/03/2015 Fix Credit From Invoicing using Invoice Date by default
Fix Rack Designer Info Panel not loading rack types to combo box
Updated Stock Valuation Report to allow print including processed order stock
Updated Stock Valuation Report to allow print including all consignment warehouses
Updated Customer Item Numbers to have Active flag and life dates for reporting
Updated Edit Delivery to allow for entry of Carton Number and Standing Order references
Updated Confirm Delivery to allow for entry of Carton Number and Standing Order references
Update Redate Invoice/Credit to allow for manual changes to due dates
Updated Internet Services Billing Order import to allow for negative stock items
1/03/2015 Allow overiding unit contents on standing orders
Fix paste designs to order not allowing spaces in design codes
Added option to make shipping method mandatory on Confirm Despatch
Updated Custom Report Print to fix boolean parameters
16/02/2015 Fix issue with currency code when importing a purchase order
14/02/2015 Fixed overflow error editing Unit Content on alternate cost prices
Fixed alternate cost price edit grdi refresh
Added Combine Unprocessed Orders
Updated customer enquiry email selection email address to use account email the customer email
06/02/2015 Added Provision to load Customer Budgets by Season
Fixed issue editing rack types
Fixed Currency checking and loading
Fixed Authorise Credit Request Passing details to Credit Notes
Fixed creation of Credit not loading EDI details
18/01/2015 Update Reallocate Inventory update sequence
Updated Credt Request to support multi seasons
Updated Customer Enquiry for Credit Requests to support multi seasons
Updated Ticket Servicing to clear order type and order code on reset of backlog header
Updated Licence Build to receive period type from maintenance screen
Fix Rack Designer Open Customer Display/Rack not refreshing the list of inclusion lists
Preparation for adding Commodity Code to Inventory Item
10/01/2015 Updated Credit Requests to support External Order Number Fields
Added Extra stock status figures to the Inventory Export
08/01/2015 Fix Stock Valuation not using design pricing
Added Print Missing Images Report
Added visibility of signatures to Credit Requests
Updated Maintain Design Price to highlight current pricing
Fixed Account Filter bug in Authorise Credits
Fixed Reverse Goods In Error when no GRNs are available to display
Fixed Maintain Stock hidden Foiled check box
Updated Import Line Orders to validate Order Season
05/01/2015 Fix printing tickets from shipped orders
Added second discounts to Expand as Required design codes
Added second discounts to Expand on Invoice design codes
Bulk Confirm Delivery added shipping date setting
Updated Import and Export Customer for better field mapping and extra fields
Fixed bug in Maintain Price Code not loading values
Fixed bug in transfer shipment not setting entry line number on detail lines
Fixed leaving stock locations present with zero quantity
21/12/2014 Fix Mass display operation filter sizes
Fix currency symbol on Invocie Tax column of Customer Enquiry
Fix Print tickets for Line Orders when using All option
Fixed Create Credit to fill missing GL Codes
Updated Create Credit From Invoice to ask if Sales GL or Credit GL should be used
Updated Maintain Licence Transactions screen to add extra types
19/12/2014 Fix possible stock adjustment when editing an invoice
Added extra values to invoice enquiry screen
Extended status on customer order enquiry
Added extra fields to Inventory Import
Added extra fields to Inventory Data Export
06/12/2014 Fix potential calculation of double discounts
Fixed ability to edit authorised credit requests
Fixed split by season on spread sheet and profile order imports
Fixed error handling on import global stock adjustment when invalid or missing season found
Fixed error reporting on import of inclusion lists
24/11/2014 Fixed Import Discounts when using design discount groups
Maintain Custoemr allow invoice to and export to values to be the same as the branch.
Update Sage Journal export to allow setting of the tax code
Preparing support to allow merging of orders during export when using the SQL connector
Fixed displaying of the export/refresh system name on the menu
16/11/2014 Internet Services Import Screen enhance to allow access to view and deleted pending orders and credits
Manual combining of deliveries will allow overriding of different states.
Added support for synching of rep notes between CM to CM Remote Sales
8/11/2014 Fix Moving Fully Cut Orders to Shipped
Fixed round of discounted unit price on order entry
Fixed bug printing missing tickets by Sales Force
Updated Customer Notes in preparation for integration with Web Portal and iPad Notes
Added ability to add extra discount to design explosions using the original designs discount value.
Fixed Design Enquiry Sales Order View to filter by warehouse
Updated some menus to have consistent names and meaning.
Update Customer Enquiry Head Office display to show nmber of branches if the account is a head office
26/10/2014 Maintain Price extended for extran GL Codes
Fixed issue with Maintain Pockets in Standard Plans
Extended Error handling and warning messages in Rack Designs
Added local image caching to Rack Designer
Internet Services Import fixed season splitting then turned off
Internet Services added support for error emailing when running as an automation task
Added Currency support to Purchase Order Lines
Extended GL Control accounts for optional cost of goods extended calculations
Updated Import Stock to cope with single blanks lines
Extended Authorise credits to always open to allow access to incomplete credits
Create Royalty Report fixed seasonal retention calculations
25/09/2014 Sales Reporting Quesries updated for lock issues
Added extra GL codes to inventory/ structure
Added default FOB status to customer
28/08/2014 Updated Customer Enquiry to allow reprinting documents with differet layouts
Updated Customer Enquiry to allow emailing of documents via Outlook
Updated editing of standing orders to allow better access to values
Update Purchase Order Import to allow for .xlsx
Updated database upgrade code to fix problem with statistics blocking field changes
Updated database upgrade code to improve checking of indexes to stop excessive recreation
24/08/2014 Added easier editing and control of Design Level Discounts
Updated Discount Import to allow specifically setting Design Discount
22/08/2014 Fixed possible loading of erroneous pocket from load tickets
Added view of signature collected from the iPad systems
Added External Reference to sort options of Print Tickets
12/08/2014 Fix bug with load all tickets when using only pockets with no actual design
Bug fix to Copy Customer Plan
Extended options in plan views
28/07/2014 Added Copy Customer Plan Options
Added Change Customer PLan Revision Option
Added Mass Edit Customer Plans for Dates
Fixed loading pocket Quantity when using POcket Line Orders
Fixed Import of Model Line Allocation Sequence not checking season
Fixed Print Price Caption Summary
Added Product Depth to Design setup
Added FOB option to royalty reporting
Added Seasonal royalty retention to royalty reporting
10/07/2014 Allow plan revisions to be alpha numeric
Update pocket number storage to 32 bit
Prepare Override trade discount for additive usage
Updated Inventory Interlocation and interwarehouse transfers to show from location transfer quantity after selection
14/06/2014 Allow use of custom scanning with out system option
Automation control of process orders sets pass through date to default
29/05/2014 Fixed reprint of shipping document
22/05/2014 Added Pick Zones for Pick List Splitting and reporting
Fixed order subbing issue when using pocket line orders
Fixed status not updating on Withdraw design management
Updated lock control logic in create invoice.
Added Royalty retain percentage field to seasons
Fix service ticket logic not forgetting kept designs when the design is no longer available for supply or does not fit the customer's criteria
22/04/2014 Updated Combine Deliveries to allow multi-season combining
Updated Outlook Email integration to customer notes. to add more customer information to the email
Fixed Consignment Sales Import to fix discount error on order header
Updated Imaging loading to use .Net control to avoid issues with the Lead tools control
06/04/2014 Update order import and process to exclude/file brokered product for 3rd party fill.
Added Outlook Email integration to customer notes.
16/03/2014 Update to Credit Request entry fixing the setting of overriding tax codes
Update to Design Enquiry to add a total of stock quantity including stock in warehouse, and a total of stock in warehouse.
Stock in warehouse being all stock from processed orders that have not been confirmed.
Inventory movements updated to add a total of stock quantity including stock in warehouse, and a total of stock in warehouse.
10/03/2014 Add option to allow pass through orders to combine
Update Rack Design Info window to be more resilient to bad settings
04/03/2014 Fixed Recalculate stock location levels stopping negative bin values
Allow location values when adjusting stock in consignment warehouses and system set to no locations
Fixed calculation of card price on consignment import when not importing price
26/02/2014 Fixed reallocate inventory issue when using Preferred design only
20/02/2014 Updated Rellocate inventory to make full use of preferred design control flags
Fixed Maintain Customer not loading Intrastat country codes for drop down
Fixed service tickets not repecting print unserviced when no backlog was enabled
16/02/2014 Added Confirm Delivery option to link shipments
Fixed removing stock on confirm delivery when locations or reserved are in use
Updated Credit Request Scan to show a scan list on screen
Updated Credit Request Entry to show number of units entered
Added invoice preview to Invoice EMail function
Fixed description on component list editing
05/02/2014 Addition of Reverse Goods In by GRN
Allow Stock Global Import to use xlsx files
Fixed Stock Global Import not detecting spaces as a blank field
Updated Inventory Movements print to allow for Reverse Goods In
Updated Inventory Enquiry to allow for Reverse Goods In
Fixed Import orders not setting default despatch method
Fixed Import tickets not setting default despatch method
04/02/2014 Fixed paper bin selection on multibin printers
Added replenishment grade to shipping document print selection
Fixed autoreplenisment forecast issue when reading designs
03/02/2014 Fixed Export Alternate Price List
Added replenishment grade to picking list print selection
Confirm Dispatch, make the picker code mandatory if required
Updated Import Orders to avoid potential transaction issue on updating order header
02/02/2014 Updated Maintain Rack Type for excessive decimal figures
Updated Numeric validation to use User settings rather than system settings. Fixes problem in Europe when comma is used as the decimal point
Rack Designer, fixed problem where active flag is inherited when creating a new plan.
Rack Designer, fixed problem opening a rack when the rack type is invalid
Rack Designer, fixed problem not using head office for exclusivity check
Import Line Orders extended to support freight charges
Import Credits fixed problem decoding some dates
Import Credit Requests fixed problem decoding some dates
Import Line Orders fixed problem decoding some dates
Import Credit Requests fixed setting of transaction date
Line order system now records original shipping date so changes can be tracked
Maintain Design Prices, fixed not refreshing screen after saving price change
Import Customer From Spreadsheet, fixed import of Need Customer PO field
Print Carton Labels, fixed calculation of number of labels
Print Carton Labels, fixed numerical overflow on multiple label print
Print Order Register updated to allow report overrides
Print Order Register by Customer updated to allow report overrides
Print Order Register by Design updated to allow report overrides
Print Order Register added option to specify shipping date range
Print Order Register by Customer added option to specify shipping date range
Print Order Register by Design added option to specify shipping date range
Create Credit Note/manual Invoice updated to allow negative quantities for handling charges
Create Credit Request updated to allow negative quantities for handling charges
Edit Dispatch updated to allow editing of the invoice date
Mass Change Orders updated to allow editing of the invoice date
Maintain Line Order Details allow for adding item to order when no sub is chosen
Updated Royalty Reporting to show designs not on current report but reported previously as zero items
Updated Auto replenishment import to allow up to 30 fields per line
Update dAuto replenishment to allow for secondary design checks when forecasting
26/12/2013 Fixed various issues with design pricing
Process Line order selection added replenishment grade to allow sorting for process order
Added Import/Export Styles to Planning Style Code Editing
Added Can not order flag to stock items.
Fixed Price Caption Sequence Drag and Drop not allowing duplicate items when permitted.
Streamlined refresh of data when changing racks/plans
Fixed spreadsheet imports to allow multi season import to not split when selected
Fixed Global Set stock level to force new stock in to global level only, clearing all locations and reserve stock
Updated Print Movements to recognise new movement types
Fixed Carton label count option when printing multiple labels per order
Maintain Standing Order added design description to screen
Load All tickets for plan, fixed bug stopping load when a single rack fails.
25/11/2013 Full release of pricing by design
Addition of unit content by price list
Addition of design pricing screen
Allow Tradacoms to be written using singles ratheras a switch
Fixed order import not adopting season of first item
Order Import added spreadsheet column for Order Season
Enhance error checks on database opening
23/09/2013 Fixed problems with duplicate designs in line order entry when using pocket line orders
Added option to change shipping method during bulk confirm
Added Customer Design Price Lookup to Account Enquiry
Fixed problem loading tiers when printing from database
Added space trim to load from spreadsheet
29/08/2013 Fixed rounding problem with Sage Line 50 journal export for cost calculations
Fixed Auto replenishment reverse sales import not correctly detecting the period and processing type
Fixed Picking list print not using latest retail price
Fixed Shipping document print not using latest retail price
19/08/2013 Fixed Caption Print by Priority
Updated Price Caption order conversion to use the screen order to allow priority control of stock.
14/08/2013 Fix deletion of attributes not clearing all data
Added option to allow duplicate bar codes with warnings
Added optional bar code generator to maintain stock by addition of stored procedures
Added default order source setting for imported from internet
Added customer item code and custmer item barcode decoding to import line orders
Added find document by Credit Request Number
29/07/2013 Fix Operator Model Name look up showing for all opeators
Added extra error messages to Import Line Orders
Extended Invoice Header data to allow invoice daily tables to be made redundant
Added delete for operator model mix data
Extended Rack Type settigns to better describe rack characteristics
Added Consignment option to export orders to accounting system
Maintain Licence fix saving of archive flag
Fix slow percentage days display on Maintain Sequence List
Extended Rack type sizes
Fixed problem using auto design allocation in standard plans with inclusion lists set
Extended Range/SizeCode/Gender/Genre controls to standard plans
Bug fix when creating new standard plans
17/07/2013 Fix error importing Model Line Allocation Sequences with long names
15/07/2013 Added Overiding price control to Create Line Order From Standing Order
Added overiding price visibility to order enquiry screens
12/07/2013 Fixed problem with Import/Export module closing the External Accounting Interface Connection
09/07/2013 Suggested Mix and Operator Models now have a naming facility allowing multiple mixes per operator
Import Consignment sales can now import a description
Create invoice will use order line description if set
07/07/2013 Updated Mass Global Substitute Preferred Design added pocket parameter update control
Updated Mass Global Substitute Preferred Design added trial mode
Fixed Import Customer incorrectly setting Sort Code
28/06/2013 Added Mass Global Substitute Preferred Design for customer displays
Added Mass Global Substitute Preferred Design for standardplans
21/06/2013 Fixed issue with invalid price codes in create invoice
Fixed loosing pocket history when overwriting a pocket
Updated customer enquiry screen readability
Fixed Import Model Line when using .xlsx files
Fixed Print Credit Request default report templated
Fixed mass remove design from order
13/06/2013 Fixed a bug in the error reporting
Fixed excessive loading of price codes during invoicing
Fixed some hanging forms not being unloaded from memory
Fixed memory leak on Print Picking List
Fixed Release to Warehouse export file selection
24/05/2013 Fixed problem with import consignment sales and field sizes
22/05/2013 Updated Crystal Reports Engine to fix issues with some multifunction printers
Added Accounting System Notes to all enquiry screens
Added extra bar code options to rack prints.
14/05/2013 Fixed timeout on large Invoice/Credit Imports
Fixed Import Invoice/Credit Report titles
Fixed auto SQL client connection protocol falling back to SQLOLEDB
09/05/2013 Fixed problem with Printing Racks to Excel
03/05/2013 Fixed problem with Create Training timeouts
Fixed Build CUstomer Plan from standard racks allowing season change
Fixed Create suggested mix error when using standard plan
Fixed edit participant in operator model not updating rack display
Fixed convert operator model to standard plan not copying over the rack descriptions
Fixed resizing of active panel when pocket selected
Fixed print of rack missing of a column due to scaling issues
Fixed database upgrade causing error in view creation for planning
16/04/2013 Updated Create Operator Model to allow selection of any rack type
Rack Print with empty pockets shows pocket surrounds
Rack Plan by Preferred design allow supress of duplicate warnings
Rack Plan by Operator Model allow suppress of over allocation
Rack Plan allow suppressing of overwriting pockets
Fixed filter on Model Line Allocation Sequence
Fixed repositioning of Model Line Allocation sequence after dragging to plan
Copy/Clone pockets can allow copy of Preferred design when duplicates allowed
07/04/2013 Updated report viewer to latest Crystal
Added ability to remove restrictions from a single order
Added archive flag to licences
Load Tickets added option to load all to only load empty pockets
Autoreplenishment extended timeouts on SQL commands
Maintain Range added extended timeout to delete check
Maintain Size Code added extended timeout to delete check
Maintain Price Code added extended timeout to delete check
Maintain Season added extended timeout to delete check
Maintain Product Group added extended timeout to delete check
Maintain Captions added extended timeout to delete check
Maintain Style Codes added extended timeout to delete check
Maintain Customer Styles Codes fixed problem of adding to bottom of list not being recognised
Licence Design Lookup extended details of licences shown
Preprocess Line Orders added per order issues reporting
Updated Confirm Delivery to stop auto adding of stock for excess pick, allow negative stock instead
Updated Import Licence details to have option of additive as well as full sync
01/02/2013 Please contact Exponential Support before deploying
Fixed Quantity editing in Edit and Confirm Delivery
31/01/2013 Please contact Exponential Support before deploying
Export Invoices fixed currency display
EDI Master and Customer Editor relaxed Tradacom 9 checks when not using Tradacoms
Various code updates to allow blind unattended running of processes
Print Rack extended data error checks
Import Orders, Invoices, Credits extended fields available
Import Orders, Invoices, Credits updated price calculation model
Import Orders, Invoices, Credits fixed VAT calculator when using overiding customer values
Import Orders fixed expand immediately when importing from the web
Various minor bug fixes
15/12/2012 Please contact Exponential Support before deploying
Updated invoicing to add commission values to invoice details records for easier reporting
Fixed problem with order design details not showing order overriding discounts
Fixed Currency Display on Export Invoices
Updated Imports to use standard price calculators
Added Customer PO an an option for the Sage L50 Invoice Export Description fields.
12/12/2012 Please contact Exponential Support before deploying
Fixed Combine Delivery problem
Added extra auditing of order statues changes
06/12/2012 Please contact Exponential Support before deploying
Fixed currency display on Customer Enquiries
Fixed overiding price on zero price items
Fixed import from web procedure default value
29/11/2012 Please contact Exponential Support before deploying
Updated Invoice Print for multi sub reports.
17/11/2012 Please contact Exponential Support before deploying
Update Line Order Processing to allow for multi seasonal orders
08/11/2012 Fix not matching design in order entry
Fixed order entry line numbers not resetting on a new order
Fixed sold before date check showing 1899 date on order entry
Added extra options to Global Change Preferred Design
Import order from spread sheet added .xlsx option
Import Customers fixed validation of AR contact
Create Line order from standing order made spec instructions box larger
Mass change order added more options and fixed confirmation message
Authorise Credits add customer name to screen
Confirm Delivery adjust stock now a master options
Added Remote Support option to help menu.
09/10/2012 Fix Operator Model Pocket Description not saving
Fixed not sing fixed pricing when exploding standing order on invoice.
Fixed Maintain Order Details Error when not using Pocket Line Orders.
29/09/2012 Added Report for Orders Requiring a Purchase orders to Process
Added Special Standing Order Explode on Invoice for multiseasons
22/09/2012 Fixed Rack Print editing Bespoke Headers resettingposition
Added Customer Planning Priority Sequencing to overide Caption Priority
Updated Line Order Processing to be line specific rather than design specific.
Fixed field size error on Demand History
Updated order enquiry to show Prepaid state
Updated Line Order Entry improved entry screen, restyled and added caption data
Updated Order subs to show sub when design has a stock issue, or licence issue
Fixed Release to warehouse registry parameter to be consistent with Master Options
13/09/2012 Fixed Internet services Import of pocket line orders where no line orders present
Fixed changing release to warehouse data source
Added extra SQL database checks when changing release to warehouse
Added error message to rack print when no participants avialable
Fixed setting of season on second entry to credit request
29/08/2012 Fixed crash in Edit Credit Request when unit content was zero
Added Design scanning to Credit Request Creation
Rack Designer Operator Model added Model Line Allocation Sequence pocket auto select
Rack Designer Operator Model added Model Line Allocation Sequence planning
Added Participant broker control via the customer
24/08/2012 Added CMF % to Royalty System
Added Web/iPad Import handling of Requested Design
Extended Control of Web/iPad handling, allowing control of Credit Request State
Extended Control of Web/iPad handling, allowing control of Requested Design
Allowed imported Requested to update pocket preferred design
Allow Web/iPad ticket import to create pocket line orders
Fixed Rack Designer Visualise pocket detection
Added live pocket track from Visualise to rack plan
Added Double Click pocket in Visualise to select rack plan
Added tracking of used Model Line Allocation Sequence and Mix Split through all plans
Updated Maintain Warehouse to allow creation of standard warehouses that do not update master stock
Added System Event Auditing Table
Added Auditing of Licencing
Added Auditing of Roll Month End process
17/08/2012 Fixed Inventory Search for Export to Spreadsheet
Fixed Inventory Search missing Bin Reference
Updated Model Line Allocation Sequence Import to add extra validation
14/08/2012 Updated Manual Credit/Invoice to allow deletion
Updated System database tables for next generation upgrade
Updated Rack Designer as an EXE to access MainDLL for database upgrades
Added option to see Sequence List Description in rack designer
12/08/2012 Updated Rack Designer Suggested Mix with extra filters and sorts
Updated Operator Model Laydown to add pocket numbering selection
Fixed Rack Designer Suggested Mix not retaining position during refresh
Fixed Rack print when using center or right jutified plans
Fixed Rack Visualise when using center or rught justified plans
09/08/2012 Added release of Prospect orders to Internet Services
Added Mass change Customer PO on orders
Fixed in plan analysis when using Operator Model
Added colour and description changes to Suggested Mix in Rack Designer
03/08/2012 Fixed Customer Licence region updating to Null value
31/07/2012 Fixed bug with exporting Credits
Fixed bug authorising Credit Requests
Updated Credit Request to fix a trade discount reading error
Updated Confirm Delivery, Edit Delivery and Delete Delivery improve SQL data look ups for pricing and availability
28/07/2012 Fixed error when deleting Alternate Price Lists
Added provisioning for external credit approval
Updated Confirm Delivery so Update Inventory flag is off by default
Licence Scan for missing transactions added option to match all transactions not linked to licence or only transactions not linked to any licence
22/07/2012 Added Saving of multiple suggested mix percentages
Allow model line editing at full season level
Allow setting up of Model Line Allocation Sequences
Allow use of Model Line Allocation Sequences for creation of suggested mixes (Caption only)
Allow entry of EMail Invoice at branch level
Updated database open/close to keep SQL server resources to a minimum
Fixed Monthly Sales Report by Salesman when Sales Groups are in use.
15/07/2012 Adjusted Product Group fields to accomodate larger datasize
Adjusted Price Code fields to accomodate larger data size
Adjusted Caption fields to accomodate larger data size
Adjusted Licence fields to accomodate larger data size
Adjusted various drop down boxes to accomodate larger description fields
Load Tickets Replace Design Stock Qty now uses customer warehouse
28/06/2012 Fixed creating invoice when description larger than 50 characters
Stopped Sync Standard Plan to Customer reloading the plan list.
Added Design Bar Code 2 to Customer and Standard Plan Exports
28/06/2012 Fixed creation of Brokered orders when using 2 order format
Fixed double header printing on standard plans
Added option to hide suspended plans on Do Not Repeat Editing
Updated Load Tickets to stop loading broker pockets when cusomer is set to not brokered
24/06/2012 Ticket Import from web will now set the tickets to the account from the import
Maintain Licence Fixed Focus issues when running scan for transactions
18/06/2012 Fixed Importing Major, Minor, Product, Price, Gender Codes larger than 10 characters
16/06/2012 Fix blank page between standard plan racks when printing
Added Filter to Import Standing Order
15/06/2012 Fix crash when importing Catalogues with non numeric values in sequence column
Fixed Line Order Entry Subs to ignore Stock Issues
Added Options to ignore credit status check when preprocessing line orders
Added warnings to import licence designs that the list must be complete
Added Entry Complete flag to Credit Requests
Internet Services Web Site Import set rep to customer defaults if not available from the import
Added Filtering to Authorise Credit Requests
Added Sales Force Editing to Edit Delivery
Added Ship to Address filtering to Customer Account Enquiry
Fixed maximum size allowed for entry of special instructions on ticket ordering
07/06/2012 Updated Licence Import added extra information on import error report
Updated Inventory Export to force Numeric Strings to Text.
07/06/2010 Fixed Licence Import when using attributes
Fixed Preprocessing Held and Credit Failed orders
28/05/2012 Addition of Image option to search for design
25/05/2012 New Base release V2.10.
Normalise key fields to 20 characters and description fields to 100 characters.
Addition of extended .net framework support ready for main transition of CM to .net 4