Card Manager for Windows by Exponential Ltd

The Card Manager software has been specifically designed for the Greeting Card Industry and covers Stock Control Display Rack Planning, full control over Finished Inventory including demand forecasting for your cards, Warehouse card shipment control, Stock Control Ticket Servicing, Customer, Card and Sales force Sales Reporting and Commissions, and Individual Design level Line Order Processing, Internet Services to Allow Tickets or Line Orders to be imported directly from the Internet or from Customer generated files. Card Manager can effectively manage all of your Everyday and Seasonal Card and ancillary product ordering and shipment.

All data is kept in a regular MS SQL database which can be accessed directly via a standard spreadsheet query.

All the reports used in Card Manager are designed using the standard report
writer Seagate Crystal Reports, and so can be easily modified to reflect your
own requirements.

A ready-made Hosted Web Shop for Customer & Salesforce access is available, where the Internet Database is automatically maintained by Card Managerand the online orders transfer directly in to Card Manager ready for processing. This Web Shop can be simply configured using HTLML5 and CSS to reflect you corporate image. An inexpensive Software add-on system is also available to allow your Saleforce to place orders using your own iPads, iPhones, Laptops, Tablet PC's, etc., and again these orders will transfer directly into Card Manager.

The Card Manager Greeting Card software has been designed by Exponential to interface with external Accounting packages, and in most cases, depending on the package in use, will interface directly with the external package's own database. Customer, Supplier, General Ledger codes etc. are refreshed within the Card Manager Database directly from the Accounting System, and in turn Invoices (or Shipped Orders) are transmitted back to the Accounting system.

  • Card Manager is a reflection of the industry needs over the last 20 years.
  • The system uses standard Microsoft Database technologies to provide fast, secure and accessible data access and analysis.
  • The system is continually being extended to meet the needs of the industry
  • The system has a large amount of built in reporting, but can easily be extended either by ourselves or by our customers.
  • The system has many integration points to allow linking to our customers systems, many instances updates are a single option with in Card Managerwe can also produce systems that operate totally automatically.
  • Card Manager has an integrated Web Shop whereby the Internet Database and Customer or Rep orders are automatically synchronised with minimal user intervention
  • Orders or Tickets can be imported directly from user definable files, which allow for non-standard order data to be received directly from Customers or other external systems.
  • Fully features Sales Force Ordering system based on iPhone / iPads / Laptop / Tablets etc.