Order Processing

Orders may be placed into the Card Manager system either at Design level, or by Price & Caption. If required the Design’s base number may be entered, and then Card Manager will locate the current selling generation Design automatically.

Card Manager handles Everyday Orders for immediate despatch, or Seasonal/ Promotional Orders for future shipment, booked either from in-house stock quantities, or can also allow stock on order with Supplier / Work in Progress, to be taken into account...

At Order entry time Card Manager can suggest subs where a Design is out of stock, based on the Ticket Servicing Subs paths, taking into account any restrictions on Design content requested by the Customer...

Part order / back order capabilities. When Orders are processed, any shortfall due to Inventory shortage may be left on file as a Back Order, or the shortages can be removed from the Order and reported as 'Shrinkage'...

Output to Picking Lists or to Tickets. Normally Line Orders, booked by Design, are output for order filling on a picking list produced in bin reference sequence. However you may, if you wish, ship Line Orders using a 'Line Order' Ticket similar to the Stock Control Re-order Ticket...

Shipment quantities can be easily amended prior to shipment confirmation, either at Design level with or without any corresponding modifications to Inventory file quantities, or if required at Price point level...

Shipments can take place under controlled procedures via third party shippers.

Customer Trade discounts can be set by Season, by Product group, Price Code or even at design level if required, and Retail Prices and Wholesale Prices may be maintained on an individual Customer basis...

Customer EPOS sales can be imported, either to just store for statistical analysis purposes, or to provide retail sales information for use in our ‘Automated Replenishment’ system.

  • Customers are held via account code with a minimum of an Account name being required.
  • Optionally accounts can have Address details, postal and shipping.
  • A variety of classification codes for reporting.
    Account open and close details.
  • Contact details.
  • 3 tier, 3 category sales force analysis groups.
  • Minimum pocket service days.
  • Default Warehouse for orders.
  • Consignment shipping with imported store sales.
  • Customers can be grouped for Invoicing and by Head office.
  • Customers can also be linked by use of association codes.
  • Optional customers own branch codes can be stored and using for imports and exports.
  • Optional customer item codes can also be stored.
    Customers can be classified by Licensing regions and currency.
  • EDI invoicing and despatch notification is available.
    Basic credit checking can be applied to orders allowing for Credit Limit checks and hold status checks.
  • Customers can be forced to have Purchase orders before orders can be made.
  • Pricing is by price code, price by design is in development.
  • Discounting is provided by discount group and can be granular from season down to price code.
    Customer retail prices are stored by retail price group.
  • Customer wholesale prices are stored by group.
    Customers and designs can be part of Exclusive groups to control design sales.
  • Invoicing can be at price code or design level on a customer by customer basis.
  • Customers can be subject to restrictions for substitution.
  • Inclusion lists allow only approved preferred designs to be made available.
  • Customers can be preferred design/plan design only for pocket ordering.
  • Back ordering can be disabled on a customer basis.
    Product selection can be controlled by price code ranges.
  • Over 30000 user defined customer attributes can be added.
  • Over 30000 user defined order attributes can be added.
  • Easy export and import of plans using spreadsheets, XML and CSV data files.