Inventory Control

Card Manager keeps full details of all Designs together with Bar Code details, scanned pictures, and each Design's sales history within the database. Customer Sales History is kept at design / card level with full details of Orders and Invoices thus allowing any detailed analysis to take place.

Multiple finished stock warehouse, both for bulk stock and picking purposes, can be maintained, and Card Manager has automatic third party access controls built in to allow for any number of third party shippers to access the system under full control.

Designs may be linked in generations (by base number), so that new generations coming into stock, can automatically be located by the Order Processing and Ticket Servicing applications thus eliminating any unnecessary master file maintenance, or if required a system of ‘Replaced by’ can be used...

Designs may be allocated a series of "Style Codes" to describe various attributes, and Customers may be set so that they will not utilise any Designs having predetermined specific Style Code(s). i.e. Risqué etc... Infinite user created Attributes can be assigned to designs to allow personalised detailed analysis to take place.

Details of goods movements in and out of the warehouse are maintained, and stock may be maintained both in an active filling line, and also in reserve locations Card Manager can notify you on a regular basis of Finished Inventory items which need moving to replenish the active filling line. Inventory valuations, both in detail and in summary, may be produced to allow perpetual inventory counts to be taken...

Various reports, are produced to allow good Inventory control to be maintained. This includes forecasting "Out of Stock" dates bases on current Sales and Stock levels. Inventory may also be ranked in a league table to highlight Fast & Slow sellers thereby allowing reprints etc. to be put into operation, or to allow the production of future generations to be re-prioritised, and Card Manager can if required also indicate the number of displays on which the designs are currently in use to give an indication of the possible demand...

Details of Supplier Orders are maintained, and reported. These Supplier or W. I. P. Orders can be taken into account when Customer Orders are booked for a future shipment date, which allows Seasonal Orders to be processed onto the system before any Finished Inventory has been produced...

Royalties based on actual invoices or current wholesale values may be tracked and reported by Artist...

Consignment warehouses can be created to allow subsequent detailed invoicing based on EPOS sale data transfers…

  • Designs are stored using a Season and Design along with numerous attributes.
  • Each design has a minimum of Product Group, Price Code, Major Caption, Minor Caption and Description.
  • Optionally designs can have:
    Unique product Bar Code
    Non unique price Bar Code
    Build data including Envelope, process flags
    Product Size
    Pack details
    Weight of product
    Weight of packaging
    Sales life dates
    Planning life dates
    Web Site life dates
    Supplier details and reorder parameters
    Artwork links
    Multiple images

    Over 30000 User definable attributes
    Pricing is by price code, price by design is in development
  • Designs can be classified by:
    Size Code
    Style Codes acting as inhibitors
  • Designs of third parties can be held on file for planning purposes.
  • Inventory can be managed manually, via imports using spreadsheets or CSV files, or via direct data integration links.
  • Inventory level details can be stored in multiple warehouses with default picking bins per warehouse along with multiple reserve location stores in each warehouse.
  • Inventory fulfilment can be from total stock or bin stock and can also be pick from bin or pick from reserve location.
  • Full booking number system for product iteration.
  • Design replace by facility to auto cascade designs.
  • Design ordering linked to Standing Orders for supply of pre packs based on design item orders.