Sales Force App for iPhone, iPad and Tablets

Take Orders on your iPad, iPhone, Tablet or Laptop using a bespoke Greeting Card App with minimal outlay.

See the images, Rack Plan details, Order History and Current Status together with relevant information dissemination. Runs on most portable devices.

Catalogues created in Card Manager or from Spreadsheet integration can
be produced in PDF format, and can also be accessed within the app for
ordering purposes.

Can optionally interface with a pocket Bluetooth scanner for products and Stock Control tickets.

Orders retrieved, via the internet, directly into your Order Processing system via
a simple interface.

Originally developed to interface into our Card Manager system, the Remote Sales system has now been expanded to be able to interface into most Accounting Systems such as SAP, Sage, etc., and an interface can be provided free of charge for other bespoke and standard Order Processing systems.

Evaluation System in iTunes as ‘CM Remote Sales’ or for further information contact Exponential. Customer Support.

UK +44 (0)1924 950500
USA +1 (617) 8618-517
Australia +61 (0) 7 3123 444

  • Fully database held locally on the device so internet is only required for transmission of completed orders, or a data refresh.
  • Integrates with Bluetooth barcode scanner for products and tickets.
  • Customer specific pricing.
  • Full customer rack plans shown in-situ full images so orders can be placed by tapping a pocket.
  • Complete support for in-line catalogues.
  • Filter product lists using any of your own stock categories.
  • All text fully customisable, alternative languages supported.
  • At Show option so reps can have temporary access to all customers.
  • Rep cover option, so one member can also temporarily cover another.
  • Manager option to have a number of reps customers on his device.
  • Call logging with location details.
  • Customise all customer fields shown to reps.
  • Customise all product fields shown.
  • Reps can keep notes.
  • Multi-seasonal orders with split customer po’s and ship dates.
  • Pocket editing available.
  • Tickets can be flagged as Do Not Repeat, change design , change quantity.
  • Hide / show / highlight Out of stocks, discontinued, new products etc.
  • Full product search ability.
  • Rep has local history on Orders, Invoices, Customer notes, Credit status etc.
  • Line level discounts.
  • Credit requests.
  • Order allowances.
  • Minimum order checks, with or without minimum order carriage charge.
  • Simple access to company web portal required for message of the day etc.
  • Allows new customers.
  • Email order confirmation to customer, rep, or other.